Ministry of Culture
I worked some proyects with the Ministry of culture and sport of Guatemala. Among them Illustrations for various projects including books, events and museums.
Yax Ayin- Museo Caracol Del tiempo 
A project  dear to my heart. I developed the mascot for the Caracol del Tiempo museum in the archeological site Tak'alik Ab'aj (Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO). The character is a representation of Yax Ayin "Green Crocodile", a character found in one of the stela of the archeological site. 
Museo de Arte Maya, Arqueología y Etnología 
I developed some illustrations, as well as design jobs, for the renovation of the Museum of Mayan Art, Archeology and Etnology of Guatemala City. You can find my name in the commemorative plaque at the entrance. Among this work is an adaptation to one of my illustrations for a mural and portraits of artist whom works are displayed in the museum.
You can also find me as the voice of the english audioguide for the museum, which you can find here
Book - Arte, Poder Y Piedra, Palacio Nacional de la Cultura
Among the books I worked on was the conmemorative book for the 80th aniversary of the National Palace of culture. Here are some the Illustrations I did for the book.
Book - Tak'alik Ab'ab
An informative book about the arqueological site, showcassing the importance of the site itself as well as  
Miscelaneous Work
I developed a variety of illustrations for other projects, such as informative book covers and social media posts, these are some of my favorites.  

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